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LX Contact Improvisation Dance Festival, want to promote the encounter and exchange between practitioners and professionals, contributing to the creation of a new vision and expansion paths for Contact-Improvisation in Portugal. A meeting made by Portuguese and world people working in Portugal, with the intention of passing the magic of this country to the world. The Festival will held meetings, jams and workshops with artists and specialists in Dance, Contact and Improvisation.

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Rita Vilhena

Is a professional dancer since 2003. Her main drive is the idea of transformation and participation but still she is mostly moved by intuition. 
Rita created the foundation in 2005 Baila Louca improvisation and performance in Rotterdam where she lived (2002-2015). BL was created to challenge herself and give visibility to inspiring artists; working in collaboration at times with Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Matej Kejzar, Bruno Listopad, Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes, Ligia Soares and Vania Rovisco to name a few. 
Rita is making work since late 90's and has a coach and dance teacher is part of the Contact Improvisation Amsterdam community, Modern Theater Dance School (Amsterdam), Academy of Dance Arnhem – ARTEZ, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, Dance for professionals in Station Zuid Tilburg and several international festivals.

Ana Leitão

Ana Leitão

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1982. She graduated in Contemporary Dance at Balleteatro, Porto, Portugal. Founder of Cia. Bacantoh and Cultural Ass. Cultural de TUDANZAS, Barcelona. Director and creator of the TUDANZAS Social Festival, Barcelona, Spain. Ana worked with names like Sharon Fridman, Sofia Neuparth, Tiago Guedes, Clara Andermatt, Ainhoa Vidal, Madalena Vitorino, Sasha Ramos, Isabel Barros. Since 2006 she teaches contemporary dance, contact improvisation, composition, improvisation, in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. In parallel, Ana graduated in Physics and Mathematics applied to Astronomy at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal. And is Master in Origin and Evolution of Life, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. Ana is also a former researcher PRBB_ Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona on crypt models Stem Cells.

  | FB: Ana Maria Sousa Leitao

Pramod Miguel Bento

Born in Portugal, father of a 3 year old boy. Pramod has been practicing Martial Arts for 43 years (Judo, Kempo, Taido, Kung Fu) and teaches since 17, having led the Portuguese TAIDO Association for several years. On the way he fell in love with Contact-Improvisation in 1992, with João Fiadeiro. And practices and teaches since then. He started has a performer and participated in the founding of www.c-e-m.org, www.evoe.pt and SOU the Dance-Theatre-Performance schools. Taught in Brazil and Co-organizes and teaches Contact Improvisation classes and jam in Lisbon, CILXJam, since November 2016.In 2010 he co-founded BIOTribe a community and center of Bioenergetics therapy and Active Meditation, operating in Lisbon until 2016. He has been working since 2000 with Personal Development, and with bodywork psychotherapy since 2005, when he started his Bioenergetics studies in the Namaste Centre in Porto Alegre, Brazil (www.Namaste.com.br), where he lived and worked in 2015/2016. He studied and lived at the Humaniversity Therapeutic Centre in the Netherlands (www.Humaniversity.com). Pramod draws inspiration from Osho´s life and work, and his own experience with Amazonian Indians. He teaches and learns Osho Active Meditation since 2000 when he created the www.EncontrosDoUmbigo.com. In the way he studied Naval Engineering and has an MBA.

www.encontrosdoumbigo.com | FB Pramod Miguel Bento

Sofia Neuparth

She has a unique route in Contemporary Art in Portugal. At the end of the 1980s she formed a space of artistic research that supports her practices in the study of body and movement. It is the understanding of the body as an event in relation that determines all her action, both in terms of the training work she develops for the last 35 years ago, and in relation to the professional structure that she co-created and directs – c.e.m., the festival she programs - Pedras (practices with people and places), of her political interventions and of the creations that it presents. Her career has been accompanied by artists and theorists such as Steve Paxton, Bragança de Miranda, Peter Pal Pelbart, Christine Greiner or Helena Katz, who have greatly contributed to the dissemination and inscription of this singularity and its pertinence in contemporary times. Following the exercise dancing theory where she dedicated herself to the link between body work and the study of biology and philosophy, several  creations emerged, such as "mmm-a physical poem" (2005), "practices to see the invisible and keep secrets" ( 2010), "1 or 2 subdued contentments" (2011) or "patio" (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016).

Peter Michael Dietz

Peter Michael Dietz was born in Denmark. He is a performer, dancer, someone who moves himself, creator, designer, mentor, choreographer, teacher. He studied at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) where he experienced the most varied techniques and forms of dance such as, release technique and contact improvisation. He has worked in several institutions in Portugal, in Brazil and in different areas of Europe since 1989. He works and researches in 'c.e.m - Centro em Movimento', directed by Sofia Neuparth. Among his creations are Live Versus, Valkyries, Made in Brazil, Under the Linen, Valquíria Coming Back, Solo without Sound, Almost Without Footprints and Brasilia Nova Dança. As interpreter: Amélia Bentes, João Fiadeiro, Paulo Ribeiro, Clara Andermatt, Aldara Bizarro, Anita Saij, Tony Thatcher, Kumico Kimoto, Ursula Raffalt, Carsten Weidemann, Gorm Neergaard, etc.

Guilherme da Luz

Guilherme da Luz born in 1963 teaches the art of Kung-fu as a professional since 1985, having learned from various sources and schools: Kung-Fu Louva a Deus with Macombe (1982) and Kung-Fu TO'A with Shaharam kasiri (1983/90), but mostly he was very self-taught. He's evolution is connected with the teaching of this art.

Over the years he has directed several schools: Kung-fu TO'A in the Piscina dos Olivais and Athletic Club of Alvalade, Kung Fu Lotus in the School of Chinese Medicine. And many workshops and exhibitions in various situations and contexts such as: Duende Dance Festival in Serpa; Workshops and show "ecstasy" with Carolina Fonseca and Monica Roncon among others; Mala Posta and Armazém 13; Workshops and performance "Beyond Being" at the Boom Festival, etc.  https://kosmicvision.bandcamp.

Guilherme da Luz is an adept of the bridge between arts as a means of enriching art and the practitioner, also makes music, meditation trip in analog synthesizers. Giving countless concerts in various sites such as churches, festivals and intimate spaces: National Pantheon in the Music Festival "Escuta Profunda"; Outfest Festival of Exploratory Music in Barreiro; St. George's Church in Lisbon; Boom Festival; Museum of Contemporary Art of Lisbon, etc.

https: //kosmicvision.bandcamp.


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